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Space Rentals

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, planning a movie night with your friends, or gonna play your favorite board game (or even one of ours), The Nerd Dungeon has got you covered!

Check out what we currently offer to find out if The Nerd Dungeon is the right pick for you!

activity space_edited.jpg

Large Event Space

Our spacious back room can seat over 25 people including plenty of room for a variety of fun activities.

Mic Space_edited.jpg

Venue Scene

Hosting a karaoke night? Playing live music? We have all the equipment you'll need. (Deposit Required)

Movie Space_edited.jpg

In-House Movies

Our space is perfect for watching your favorite movie, or even playing games on the big screen. (Deposit Required)

Coffee Shop Counter_edited.jpg

Elder Dragon Coffee

With the Elder Dragon Coffee Shop 

being in-store, concessions have never

been easier! (Purchase Required)

Ready to rent?

Below you can find our full list of prices, as well as buttons to the booking calendar, where you can make your reservations!

Space Rental per Hour (2hr Min)
Our Event Space is yours for the allotted time, setup and breakdown times not included.
Single Table Rental per Hour (2hr Min)
This option is mainly for non-subscribers looking for a single table for their TTRPG session!
Extra Hour | Space Rental (Add-On)
Add on an hour to your Event Space Rental!
Extra Hour | Single Table (Add-On)
Add on an hour to your Single table Reservation!
Popcorn Bar (Add-On)
Add this to get access to a (virtually) unlimited popcorn bar at your event!
Drip Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar (Add On)
Add this to get access to a (virtually) unlimited drip coffee & hot cocoa bar at your event!
Movie Package (Add-On, Deposit Required)
This package comes with access to our projector and speakers!
$75 Refundable + ($25 Non-Refundable)
Venue Package (Add-On, Deposit Required)
This package comes with access to our microphone, soundboard, and speakers!
$200 Refundable + ($50 Non-Refundable)
To see a full list of our services, click here.

If you have any issues with your booking, or want to ask some questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email.
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