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co-owners Cameron and Jacob talking to each other

We are a local nerd collective creating an inclusive community scene by providing niche, nostalgic goods and events with friendly and fair services.​


  1. Make customers feel heard.

  2. Provide better, fair prices and source desired goods.

  3. Foster self-improvement and connection.

  4. Offer a safe, inclusive, free play space.

  5. Spread awareness of who we are and what we offer.

​Our goal is to provide a community safe space local to Asheville NC, where everyone is welcome, customers know they are seen and valued, and people of all ages can gather.


asheville local video game store retro founder Cameron Hensley

Cameron Hensley (he/him)

Founder, Owner, Source-rer of Amazing Goods

asheville local video game store retro 2ndWins Streaming

Will Smith (he/him)

Owner, Lead Producer, Game Developing Creative

asheville local video game store near me friendly

Jacob Smith (he/him)

Owner, Operations Manager, Video Editor Extraordinaire

asheville local coffee shop near me owner friendly cute

Savanah Stone (they/them)

Owner, Analyst, Coffee and Planning Wizard

Our Team.

We are the Owners and operators of the Nerd Dungeon and Elder Dragon Coffee Shop. We have been a part of the LGBTQ+ and Nerd community all our lives and are proud to call Western North Carolina our home. Our shop began as a way to give old and vintage toys, games, collectibles and memorabilia new homes and bring the good parts of childhood and nostalgia back to life. Our partnership as co-owners is founded on friendship, communication, and shared dreams. Our business focus is not only to bring joy and great deals to others, but also to be sustainable, locally minded and assist in making others’ dreams come true. 

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