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TTRPG Subscription Services

Welcome to our Tabletop Roleplaying Game Subscription Services!

Here you can learn all about how the service works, and how you can become a subscriber!

For a full list of all the Rules and Codes of Conduct associated with the TTRPG Subscription Services, please click here

With your subscription, you can reserve up to four, 4hr gameplay sessions per month, with up to nine people in your group. Ex. Eight players and one GM. Only one person in the group needs to be a subscriber, and the other eight possible people all can reap the benefits.

 Subscription Tiers & Benefits

Right now we only offer one subscription tier. While we have more planned, we wanted to start small and grow into the more expansive options.

General Benefits

All subscriptions, no matter the tier, include a basic Gameplay Kit that has all the ingredients needed for a standard TTRPG session.

The Gameplay Kit includes the following assets:

  1. 1 reservation sign for the table.

  2. 1 box to hold all your gear.

  3.  A copy of the Codes of Conduct and Topic Ban Sheet. These are provided once and must be kept on you at all times. If you don’t have these with you at your table, you won’t be allowed to play. We can print new copies at a 5$ fee.

  4. 1 2ndWins GM screen.

  5. 1 dry erase map.

  6. 1 dry eraser.

  7. 2 dry erase markers. (1 black, 1 red)

  8. 1 black bag with a 2ndWins dice set:​​​​

    • Two - 20-sided dice (for advantage and disadvantage rolls)

    • Two - 12-sided dice

    • Two - 10-sided dice (for percentile rolls)

    • Two - 8-sided dice

    • Eight - 6-sided dice (enough for a basic fireball)

    • Two - 4-sided dice

  9. 1 collapsible dice tray

The TTRPG Library

Subscribers also have access to a library of resources that they can check out for use at their table. These resources must be returned at the end of your session.

There are some limitations to the access of these assets due to the amount of them we have. These limitations will change as the size of the library grows, and will also change as new subscription tiers are added.

The follow items are currently in the library:

  1. Rulebooks

    • Rulebooks must be shared by all the tables that are currently in play.

  2. The Grunt Box

    • The Grunt Box is a collection of very generic, unpainted minis with swords, spears, maces, and bows that can be used by the GM of the subscriber's table. 

    • They are first come, first serve, and must be checked out at the front desk. There are currently about two dozen of these minis available.

  3. The Standee Folder

    • The Standee Folder is a large collection of various Geek Tank Games standees that need to be attached to bases. We will be providing the bases also.

    • They cover a wide variety of creatures, classes, and races in a bright, cartoonist style. 

    • They are first come, first serve, and must be checked out at the front desk. There are hundreds of them, but the numbers of any specific types (goblins for example) are limited (from one to eight generally).

Becoming a Subscriber!

Currently we only offer subscriptions through our website.

  If you have subscribed in other ways, in store payments, PayPal, etc. you will need to resubscribe though our site. 

To subscribe to the Copper Tier, click the button below!

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  • Copper Subscription

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    Access to Copper Tier reservations and the perks and benefits that follow!

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Have Questions?

We understand! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

When can you reserve a table?

Access to table reservations is current based on whether or not you are subscribed.​

  • Subscribers can make reservations as soon as they have membership status.

  • Non-subscribers are on a “day of, if space is available” basis.


Can I change my reservations after I’ve made them?

You can cancel or reschedule your reservation up to three days before the start time. However, we discourage late cancellations/rescheduling as it can prevent others from booking sessions.


What is the maximum number of tables that could be operating at the same time?

Four. However, this number is subject to change based on any community event happening on the same day.


What is the maximum number of people allowed per session?

Nine. Due to the size of our tables, any parties larger than that require special arrangements to be made and may incur an additional cost as a result.


How many reservations come with my subscription?

Each subscription comes with four sessions per month. Unreserved sessions do not carry over to the next month


How many hours do I get to play per session?

Each of your four play sessions can last no longer than four hours, included any setup and breakdown time. We encourage showing up no later than fifteen minutes before your reservation so you can check out any assets from the Library.


What happens if we run over time?

So long as there isn't another reservation after yours waiting on your table, players are allowed to finish the current round. Otherwise, they will be asked to stop and clean up immediately.

We have to clean up after ourselves?

Yes. You are expected to leave the space in the same way you found it in. If you do not clean up you will be charged a $25 clean-up fee. This fee will need to be paid before your next reservation or before the start of your next subscription. If the fee is not paid, you won’t be allowed to play/reserve.


Can I reserve a specific table or ensure that I have privacy during my session?

We currently cannot book specific table or guarantee privacy. We are planning on building a private room that can be added to your reservation.

Can I have more than one subscription?

Not at this time. Our goal is to provide a play space to as many people as we can and the only way we can do this is by limiting the subscriptions to one.


What happens if I’m unable to schedule a table during the time that my group normally plays?

In order to treat everyone fairly, we cannot guarantee consistent time slots for subscribers.

Once I’ve reserved a table, it won’t be taken away from me?

Correct, you will only be kicked off your table in the case of emergencies.


Can I reserve tables for more than a month in advance?

Right now you can only reserve up to thirty days in advance. We are planning on higher subscription tiers having the ability to book further in advance.


What happens if we don’t show up for a session we’ve reserved?

While we heavily discourage this behavior, you are allowed to give us one days notice if you cannot show up for your reserved session. However if you are a 'no call, no show' on the day of your reservation, you will be charge a  $10 No Show Fee. This fee will need to be paid before your next reservation or before the start of your next subscription. If the fee is not paid, you won’t be allowed to play/reserve. We understand emergencies happen, however if the behavior is too consistent, you may be suspended from making reservations.

Do I have to be a GM or player to be a subscriber?

You do not have to be a player or a GM to subscribe. However you must over the age of 18 and you must be present during any sessions you reserve. The subscriber is responsible for any damages that may occur during sessions.


What happens if a non-subscriber violates the topics ban?

Subject matter is enforced by GMs and that’s handled separately from rental policies. Please refer to our Topic Bans, Consent Forms, and Data Privacy document for complete details.

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